Seit längerem habe ich nun an der integration von einigen Funktion gearbeitet, die ich nun endlich abgeschlossen habe. Die Darstellung der Inhalte wurde stark überarbeitet und es wurde auf Font Awesome 5 upgedated, dadurch ist die Ladezeit etwas länger, aber die Seite kann mithilfe der neuen Icon noch übersichtlicher dargestellt werden. Im nächsten Schritt wird die Seite weiter für Mobile Endgeräte optimiert.

Ich hoffe euch gefallen die Veränderungen und die neuen Artikel sind für euch hilfreich.


I wish everyone a wonderful start into the new year.

With the new year ,the page got a little faceover and is now more clearly arranged. There will also be videos of projects in the near future, especially in the area of ​​3D printing.

The page has been expanded to include the function to subscribe by e-mail notifications for individual articles and you will be notified immediately if the article has been revised or expanded, or if a video has been added.

I recently got a new camera, the Panasonic GH5 and have already taken a lot of beautiful photos that I would like to share with you in the gallery.

Look forward to a lot of new content in the coming year, your Stefan J. Trucker

Now I have completed my electronics and economics Bachelor degree and look forward to having more free time again and tackling the really important things in life :)

The site is now technically tip-top prepared and optimized. All functions should be implemented without errors, the language setting of the page has already been implemented and so the content in German and English can now be easily integrated.

I am now very much looking forward to completing many of the articles that have started and to improving the ones that have already been put online. The gallery is now slowly being filled with pictures and I look forward to sharing all of this with you.

Since Maria wanted to have her own area, the page is now split between mine and Maria's content, but we run the gallery together.

The biggest innovation is the recipe department, in which I would like to post all good family recipes, I know there are a lot of recipes on the Internet, but also many not so good or badly described ones, so it alone makes the difference for us, easy improvements and Share variations with each other and ensure that no recipe is lost.

I wish all visitors a lot of fun and good appetite.

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